Yesterday’s WOD (Wed 5/26/10)

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We had a great workout at CrossFit Montgomery County yesterday. We started out by warming up for about 10 minutes with several different kinds of pullups, pushups, shoulder mobility movements, hip-capsule opening exercises and full-depth squats (way past the recommended maximum depth). After the warm-up we reviewed deadlifting technique, talked about and practiced proper spinal stabilization and hip drive during a deadlift, and then we repeated the movement about 20 times with between 95 and 185 lbs (deadlifts are hard, but practicing them is the only way to get better at them).

After we practiced the deadlift technique as a class, we reviewed thrusters with just the barbell (45 lbs for men and 33 lbs for women). We drilled the front squat, talked about elbow position to keep the bar frozen to the shoulders throughout the movement, emphasized hip drive (again) and the full balanced overhead lockout position with a heavy load. Then we practiced the whole movement about 10 times while being corrected here and adjusted there to insure maximum efficiency, and then it was time to start the actual workout.

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“Fran” is very difficult, moving 95 lbs from the bottom of a front squat to the top of a push press a total of 45 times with 45 pullups as well (21 reps of each, then 15 reps of each, and then 9 reps of each). The clock started, we all did our first thruster, and after several minutes we were all done. None of us could breathe, stand, move or use our hands for about 15 minutes because of the pain and fatigue, but we all finished. Yesterday’s winner was Kevin (pictured here in typical post-Fran agony) who accomplished this horrific feat in 3:34, and earned a spot at the top of the Leader Board for his incredible performance.

Yep, it was a great day. Lots of personal records, lots of fantastic work done, and lots of improvements made. We lifted heavy things off the floor, pushed heavy things over our heads, pulled our entire body weight way up in the air, and we did it all several times and *very* quickly. Congratulations everyone. I have no idea how many calories you burned (the barbells don’t come with calorie counters), but judging by the amount of weight you moved and the way you all looked after completing the workout (and the fact that none of you could speak for several minutes), I know you gave 100% of yourself. Good work.


Overhead Squat (for technique – 65 lb. cap)

Another Friggin’ Obstacle Course

5 Rounds for time of:

Farmer’s Plate Walk
Hand Hops
Catch With Myself
Run With Stuff


Not today

  • Brian

    I don’t know what ANY of that stuff is on this obstacle course…..and that scares me.

  • Dan

    Catch with Myself? Does the require a noose?