Would You Rather? (Wed 4/21/10)

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Let’s play a game called “Would You Rather?” It’s a fun party game with a simple theme: you are presented with two (usually horrible or very strange) hypothetical options from which to choose, you make a choice and then defend your decision. Great fun, right? Here are a couple sample questions:

  • Would you rather kiss a jellyfish or step on a crab?
  • Would you rather immerse your naked body in a bathtub of cockroaches or dive naked head first into a pool of tobacco spit?

You get the idea…and can probably see how the overall [ahem] quality of the questions can diminish quite quickly in certain situations. Still though, lots of fun.

However, the game I’m actually talking about is one that you play internally every day as you make the choices that define who you are and what you do. Would I rather wear the brown shoes or the black shoes? Have cereal or eggs? Take the highway or the back roads? They’re all presented to you every day, and always follow your initial desire perfectly, right? I mean, if you decide to wear the black shoes then you would expect to see the black shoes whenever you look down at your feet that day. It wouldn’t make sense to put on the black shoes and then later look down to see they were orange or blue or red, and it would make even less sense to get upset that they had not magically become anything other than what you decided to put on that morning.

The choices you make are real, they are obvious, and they will stay exactly how you’ve chosen until you make a different choice. Would you rather be strong or weak? Would you rather get better at everything or avoid stuff you don’t like? Would you rather set a new PR or get a drink and catch your breath? Would you rather have a great body or eat like crap? Each choice has two options, and you only get to choose one (and remember how ridiculous you look when you choose one and then get upset when you don’t have the other).

Make the choices for what you’d rather do, be, or have – not just dream about how nice it would be, but actually MAKE the choice – and then get ready to enjoy all the benefits of getting exactly what you want. Or don’t – the choice is yours.


Shoulder Press



7 Rounds for time:

7 Wallballs
7 Pullups
7 Burpees


20 Bulldogs

  • kiss a jelly fish

    I like today’s post/rant. Very simple and straight forward. Having to make the decision to rest or go is not a new concept to us as crossfitters but we struggle with it every workout. Should I add more weight to this press? Yes, no, maybe? Should I do sets of 5 all the way to 50 and pace or should I drop the hammer until I’m dead? We all think these things through our workout probably one million times over. Which interestingly enough is still less than the amount of times a teenage boy thinks dirty thoughts in a 5 minute period. Back on track, we become the choices we make with consistency. If we always choose to drop the hammer and push for a PR on a given lift we’ll become faster, stronger, better (and better looking!). If you never choose to, you never will gain all you’re here for. And if you only sometimes choose to give it you’re all you may luck into some favorable results BUT without consistency you won’t hold them long. Today I choose to not be a wiener.

  • Tim

    I would rather have commented here than on the goat’s posting. I guess I have to live with my careless decision?