What CAN You Do? (Thu 6/3/10)

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What’s the matter…your shoulder hurt? Sprain your ankle? Break your leg? Yes, you’re right, you shouldn’t do anything that directly involves that thing that hurts (depending on what’s actually wrong with it), but that certainly doesn’t mean you can’t exercise at all. If your shoulder hurts, you can do all kinds of leg stuff. If your ankle is sprained or even broken, you can still do pullups, pushups (using the other leg for support), single-leg rowing… You get the picture. The message here is that even if you’re hurt, there are ALWAYS things you can do to not only stay in shape, but to improve yourself in ways you never thought of. By inventing things you CAN do while you’re injured, you are really keeping with the whole “constantly varied” part of the CrossFit prescription, and we’ve all seen the incredible power it can have.

Today’s WOD:

Skills Assessment, Day 2

Yesterday we did deadlifts, strict pullups, 500m row, shoulder press, and 1 min of situps. If you missed yesterday, you’ll do those movements today. If not, you’ll do day 2:

  • 1 min Wallballs for max reps
  • 1 mile run
  • 1 min Pushups for max reps
  • Max set – Kipping Pullups

Rest 5 minutes between exercises