Wednesday September 3, 2008

By September 2, 2008CFMC Blog Archives

Recently, a client of mine was telling me about their new WiiFit, a game designed for the Nintendo Wii video game system that uses a pressure-sensitive pad to monitor you while you do guided exercises.  The idea is to  score points based on your ability to fool the system (and yourself) into thinking you’re actually exercising.  It got me thinking (as goofy things like that are prone to do), and I believe I’ve come up with an even better idea.  Forget WiiFit…introducing, WiiCrossFit.  That’s right folks, WiiCrossFit!  Wouldn’t this be fantastic?  See, you’d buy a full-size Olympic barbell with a Wii controller built into it, and bring it (and the required set of Wii-white bumper plates) into your living room to do “Fran” (you could use your ceiling fan for a pullup bar).  I can see it now…white kettlebells with Wii controllers built into them for “Helen”, white Wii-controller DynaMax balls for “Fight Gone Bad”…this would be AWESOME!  (I bet you wouldn’t feel so bad about letting your kids play video games for 6 hours in a row if the controllers were also 35-pound kettlebells!)  Man, I could play with this idea for hours…  But alas, it’s time for:

Today’s WOD:

For time:

“Slow down, Fran”

21-15-9 reps of

Front squat (95/65)
Push press (95/65)
Dead hang pullups (no kipping or butterflies)

Post times and scaling or substitutions (or cheating!) to comments.