Wednesday August 27, 2008

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Here’s something you may not hear everyday:  “If it feels right, you’re doing it wrong.”  Well maybe ‘wrong’ is too strong a term, but “less efficiently than you could be” certainly fits.  Oddly enough, that statement is true more often than you may think.  When you’re learning the movements involved in CrossFit (or anything, for that matter), you have to be open and willing to feel uncomfortable, off balance, weird, and sometimes downright stupid.  Of course it’s going to feel that way at first – you’ve been doing it less than maximally efficient your whole life, so therefore less than maximally efficient’ feels normal, comfortable, and correct.  Any alteration to what you’re used to will feel uncomfortable, off balance, weird, or yes, even downright stupid, but you simply cannot improve your mechanics (or your fitness) unless you’re willing to step outside your comfort zone. There is a better, easier, safer, and more efficient way to move, and it ain’t what you been doing up ’til now.

Today’s WOD:



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  • Jason

    Hadn’t put it into words, but that’s so true. Thanks!

  • Tai

    You’re welcome. I’m just glad someone agrees with me!