DTR_5451.jpg The primary cause of most long term illnesses is inflammation, says Dr. Barry Sears, creator of the Zone Diet. In the final analysis, it’s all about your genes, especially how an anti-inflammatory diet, like the Zone Diet, can turn off inflammatory genes and simultaneously turn on anti-inflammatory genes that promote cellular rejuvenation, repair and healing. Your ability to control inflammation becomes the molecular definition of wellness. Furthermore, both physical and mental performance are optimized with an anti-inflammatory diet.

See the CrossFit Journal Video with Dr. Barry Sears.

Today’s WOD In The Park:

400m Sprint
21 KB Squat Cleans (53/35)
21 Ring Dips
200m Sprint
15 KB Squat Cleans (53/35)
15 Ring Dips
100m Sprint
9 KB Squat Cleans (53/35)
9 Ring Dips