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Day 4 of the 10 General Physical Skills Days is Flexibility. Flexibility is the ability to move a joint through the full range of motion required for functional movement. It’s the most often overlooked and arguably the most important of the skills as it affects every movement you make. Tight hamstrings will destroy your deadlift potential and cause some *serious* low back pain, tight lats will kill your hopes of locking out the bar comfortably at the top, tight shoulders will make an overhead squat (and therefore the snatch) impossible and tight hip flexors will make opening your hips a serious chore. Every single movement you make in the gym (as well as every movement you make OUTSIDE the gym) is affected by your flexibility. Having trouble getting to the bottom of a squat? It’s because your flexibility is bad. Can you calculate your deadlift PR by adding 25 lbs to your bodyweight? Time to work on some hip extensor flexibility. The benefits of improving your flexibility are immeasurable – your performance will improve, stuff will stop hurting, and someday, just maybe, you’ll be able to stare at your own ass.

Today’s WOD:


For time:

75 Power Snatches [Men – 75# | Women – 55#]

Optional cash-out:

Unbroken sets of consecutive Double-unders

You must complete each set without fail before moving to the next one. If you miss anywhere during a set you must start that set over.

  • Dan

    Wow…I can’t tell you the number of possibilities that went through my head in that picture…

  • Question for you Tai. Mike Burgener calls the snatch a failed power snatch. Which doesn’t make much sense to me. Isn’t the power snatch mean that is just an easy snatch that requires less leg recruitment(might be the wrong wording here, but you know what I mean) to drop underneath the bar, because more height is attainable from the 2nd pull?