DTR_3210 5 More Ways…

As promised, here are 5 more ways to become a better CrossFitter (at least in my book).

  1. Check your ego at the door. Better yet, leave it at home. Come into the gym ready to work hard, suffer through the pain, and be generally miserable with everyone else. CrossFit isn’t about who’s better, it’s about being YOUR best.
  2. Be patient with yourself. No one was an expert the first time they tried something. Or even the second time. Most often it takes months or even years of relentless practice to become really proficient at anything worth becoming proficient at. If you’re having trouble with something, ask one of the coaches to help you get better at it – we live for that. Which leads me to the next tip…
  3. Be coachable. Our main goal is to help turn you into the ultimate badass you want to be. Ignoring the coaches (or worse, arguing with them) because you’re sick of hearing them telling you to get to full extension or to stay back on your heels will insure that you never rise above “the cream of the crap.” We’re here because we love to help people get better and because we’re very good at what we do. Let us show you how great we can help you become.
  4. Never stop learning. Subscribe to the CrossFit Journal, read Mark Rippetoe’s website, bookmark the Catalyst Athletics website, and actively seek out other valuable resources to help you become better.
  5. Be honest. If your chin went ALMOST all the way up on the last of 100 pullups, do another one. If you didn’t hop on your last of 100 burpees, do another one. If you did 149 perfect wallballs and the last one went 6″ below the target, do another one. You’ll be better off for it in more ways than in just the WOD.

Today’s WOD:

21-15-9 reps for time of:

Hang Power Cleans [Men – 115# | Women – 70#] Handstand Pushups
Wallball Shots

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    This really beat the heck out of me.