Wed 2/23/10

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The CrossFit Heart

I recently heard someone described as being “CrossFit Strong,” a condition that is instantly recognizable to any of you who have ever seen a fire breather hammering a WOD on a video, or better, in person. It’s a great way to describe the result of doing CrossFit for any length of time – probably the best I’ve ever heard. Becoming “CrossFit Strong” takes a lot of work and dedication, and requires something far beyond a big deadlift or a 30-minute 10K run. It requires heart – a “CrossFit Heart.”

The CrossFit Heart is what makes you pick up the bar again when every fiber in your being tells you to rest. It makes you push yourself to run harder when your legs feel like jelly, and it makes your hands go back to the ground to start one more burpee. It makes you transcend the fatigue and forces you to keep going even though you know it’s going to hurt. It makes you show up early for class to practice snatch balances with PVC and makes you stay long after you finish the WOD to cheer for the one still struggling through it. It’s why you keep coming back to endure more pain – it keeps you young, and it keeps you strong.

Having a CrossFit Heart won’t make you a fire breather, but you won’t ever become a fire breather without one. And by the way, the guy in this photo (Paul)? He’s got one.

Today’s WOD


As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:

5 Pullups
10 Pushups
15 Squats

  • Yeah Paul, that was pretty sick the other day man. You powered through an hour of hell.