DTR_3356 Ok, Enough Already

Yep, I’m tired of the snow. It’s all white and slippery and, well, snowy. And there’s a ton of it. And it’s all on my car. Maybe the CrossFit mantra of “preparing you for the unknown and unknowable” should include something for snow. Something like, “preparing you for the unknown, unknowable and the really annoying.” So today’s photo is all about how I am beginning to feel about the snow this year. It’s not even the snow itself, so much as how it’s keeping me from opening the gym! So for the sake of maintaining your fitness and my sanity (that that in and of itself may very well be in question), I would like to request that everyone immediately cease and desist doing your naked snow dances because apparently they’re working very well. And then pray to the snow gods that they allow life to go back to normal (meaning, “without so much damn snow”). Oh, and for all the snow gods that read this blog…I was just kidding with that photo, and you all look very nice today.

TODAY’S CLASS STATUS: NO AM CLASSES!! A decision will be made about the noon class around 10:30 – check the upper left portion of the page for updates.


Today’s WOD:

Bring your shovel. (just kidding)

Back Squats



3 Rounds for time:

10 Toes to Bar
15 Ring Rows
20 True Pushups (hands and feet on 25# plates – touch chest to ground)

  • MarkB

    Will this ever end?

  • Tai

    I certainly hope so. I’ll hold that WOD until next time we’re able to actually open…