Wed 12/23/09

By December 22, 2009CFMC Blog Archives

091220-003The WOD for the Holiday party was certainly a festive one – just look at everyone’s hats! (By the way, just because they didn’t know I was going to use Photoshop to put Santa hats on them doesn’t mean they weren’t festive…) I mean, the workout was a cheerful one I called “The 12 Days of CrossFit” (12-11-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of Wallballs, Pullups, Kettlebell Swings, and Pushups), Ellery cooked a fantastic Paleo meal for everyone, and I was nice enough to let everyone beat me in the workout (well ok, no I wasn’t). We even played Christmas songs during the WOD… How much more can we all get into the holiday spirit? I tell you, it was exactly like the night of the first Christmas should have been.

Today’s WOD:


For time:
Row 1000m
50 thrusters (45lbs)
30 pullups

  • Oliver

    I did this in 8:41 back in April, let’s see if I can get in the low 7s!

  • Tai

    Keep in mind the standard for pullups is chest to bar… I’m posting the movement standards to a page on the website soon.