Wed 10/28/09

By October 27, 2009CFMC Blog Archives

This is a video of my father, Marcum Randall, on opening day here at the gym. He’s 61, and he can still do muscle-ups. Any of you out there who think you can’t do a muscle-up because they’re too hard, because you’re not strong enough, or because your mother liked your sister better than you, just remember that there’s a 61-year old man out there who can do them. And he thinks you should be able to as well.

Today’s WOD:

“Death by HSPU”

With a continuously running clock do one Handstand Pushup (HSPU) the first minute, two HSPUs the second minute, three HSPUs the third minute… continuing as long as you are able.

A special surprise awaits at the end of this WOD…