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Remember the movie “The Karate Kid” from 1984? Not that weird reincarnation with Will Smith’s kid and Jackie Chan (that I still want to see), but the original one with Daniel Laruso, his nemesis Johnny, and good ol’ Mr. Miyagi? Yep, you saw it, and you loved it like everyone else did. Don’t lie. For some strange reason I was thinking about this movie the other day, and thanks to my amazing ability to relate *everything* to CrossFit, I would like to share a hidden CrossFit message in the teachings of Mr. Miyagi.

Here’s the scene: Mr. Miyagi lays down a challenge at the Cobra-Kai dojo that Daniel will kick Johnny’s ass at the upcoming karate tournament. Daniel, not knowing even how to *spell* karate at the time, shows up to meet Mr. Miyagi the next morning to begin his training. Mr. Miyagi sits him down to enter into a sacred pact with Daniel before his training starts. It went something like this:

“I promise teach karate. That my part. You promise learn. I say, you do, no questions. That your part.”

Then he straps that headband on Daniel to make him look like a complete fruitcake, and Daniel gets to washing his cars, painting his fence, sanding his floor, and painting his house. None of it makes sense to him and he doesn’t especially like doing any of it, but Mr. Miyagi is teaching him the basics of karate and simultaneously strengthening the movements necessary to be good at it. Yeah, that was a cool part of the movie, wasn’t it?

While the chances are superb that I won’t be strapping a headband to anyone’s head, I do appreciate the honesty and simplicity of the sacred pact. Hell, I may even make it part of the membership contract! The honest truth is that my promise to each one of you is that I will do anything I can to teach you as much about CrossFit as you can absorb. I will always gladly and freely share any information, technique, coaching tip, motivational point, or kick in the ass you need to help you learn more about how to improve yourself as an athlete. I will not always tell you what I am doing or why I am doing it, but I assure you that the purpose behind whatever crazy thing I may be asking you to do is strictly for your benefit.

My part of the deal is always on my mind, even long after I’ve left the gym (you can ask Danielle about that if you don’t believe me!). I spend a lot of time learning, practicing, reading, watching, observing, pondering, and developing new and better ways to fulfill my promise to guide you to greatness.

Just don’t forget your part.


Shoulder Press 5-5-3-3-1-1


3 Rounds for time:

400m Run
12 Muscle-ups
24 Box Jumps (24″)


15 Turkish Get-Ups (each hand)

  • Damn good post!
    P.S. The new Karate Kid movie is good too!

  • Great Post! I just used this same analogy with a gym member of ours a few weeks back! My wife and I are opening our new box next week! Can’t wait!

    Tom Ragusa
    Fit Bodies CrossFit and Personal Training