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The website is going to be undergoing some upgrades (read: a complete overhaul) in the coming weeks, so be prepared for some changes. Since I don’t have a separate development environment you’ll get to witness all the changes as they occur, so if you see something that flat out looks wrong or simply doesn’t work at all, give it a few minutes, refresh the page, and see if it’s been fixed. (There’s a reason I’m not a full-time computer nerd anymore, and developing in a production environment may or may not be part of it.) The goal is to make the website more user-friendly for people who aren’t already CrossFitters (and are probably still scared away by photos of bleeding hands and people on their backs gasping for breath after a workout), and also to generally make it better able to deliver what you’ve all come to expect from it – namely, my ranting about how much harder you all should be working. So be patient with the website (and me) as I get things going more awesomer than they already are!


Hang Squat Clean

5×5 (95 lb. max)



Overhead Squats (135/93)
Ring Dips


15 Skin The Cats

Groupon WOD:

21-15-9 Reps for time of: