Tuesday September 9, 2008

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Sometimes when I get asked about CrossFit (which usually sounds like, “dude, what are you doing?”) I explain how CrossFit measures intensity. I’m sure I’m preaching to the choir by saying all this, but I think it’s good to be reminded occasionally why we’d want to get a better score or a faster time.  So, for a quick and dirty review from the Level 1 cert, it’s not only how many reps you do, how much weight you’re lifting, or even how many sets you do – it’s how much power you’re generating. Reps, weight, and sets take into account force and distance, but many globo-gym-rats make little if any gains in their…strength?  …fitness?  …well, whatever they’re doing it for.  When you add the ‘time’ component to that mix (along with a whole bunch of other stuff – like technique for example), that’s when your results really start to take off. The dramatic improvement in performance is a phenomenon you can only experience when you honestly and truly do as MANY reps as possible in that minute, or when you are able to cut your Fran time in half.  When you worked so hard you can’t stand up for five minutes after the workout – do that a few times, and remember the “bottom to top” principle I talked about awhile ago – and you won’t believe what you’re capable of.

Today’s WOD:


30 reps for time of:

Clean and Jerk 135lbs.

Post times and scaling/substitutions to comments.

  • Rusty@CFYork

    when we get “that” question, Brandon tells people that we are “training for the unpredictable”…I laugh every time, maybe its more like we’re “avoiding the inevitable”
    I know (at least I think) you’re leading into virtuosity, but the bottom line is that CF is FUN…there are literally hundreds of W/0 and you could feasibly train everyday for a year and never repeat a workout, I say this because I get a little worried everytime I repeat a workout b/c I would hate to think of my training as “work” and now I have to prove that I’m making progress. luckily even after a couple of days of poor dieting, & the worst headache I was still able to beat a previous time, yes it was only by a few seconds, but hey a “PR” is a “PR”

  • Tai

    That’s a good point, and is definitely the driving reason behind my affinity for CF as well. It IS fun – hard for sure, but that’s the fun part. A PR is always a good thing, which you certainly wouldn’t be able to achieve without the ability (mental or physical) to ramp up the intensity. I certainly agree wholeheartedly with you in every aspect of what you said, and also with the “Virtuosity” article by Coach Glassman (which deals more with the importance of having a rock-solid understanding of and competence in the fundamental movements, for those of you who haven’t read it yet). Today’s blurb was more about the intensity of the workouts, or specifically adding the time component. As you know and have undoubtedly experienced, doing 100 squats in less than 3 minutes is a completely different animal than doing 100 squats in 10 minutes – and for us weird and seemingly masochistic CrossFitters, that’s where the fun comes in. Variety, intensity, performance, improvement – that’s why I do it. You said it best in your last sentence with, “…it was only by a few seconds, but hey, a ‘PR’ is a ‘PR’.”

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