Tuesday September 23, 2008

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It seems like one of the favorite things for new affiliates to do is to dream up new and clever t-shirt slogans to put on the backs of the thousands of t-shirts they all think they will be selling. Here at CrossFit Rampant Fitness, we are doing something completely different (and by “completely different” I mean “exactly the same”). I’ve been having a ball with t-shirt slogans, and I thought I’d post some here to get some feedback on which ones I should actually create. Post your feedback to the comments.

I’m cocky because I’m better
Strength is its own reward
My workout can beat up your workout
You wouldn’t like it – it’s hard
Jump, throw, lift, run, push, pull, climb, grunt
No longer a wussy
If it were easy everybody would do it
My work capacity is bigger than your work capacity

Today’s WOD:

For time:
50 Wallball shots (20/10) 10′ target
50 Pull-ups
35 Wallball shots (20/10) 10′ target
35 Pull-ups
20 Wallball shots (20/10) 10′ target
20 Pull-ups

  • CFYork

    I like “my workout can beat up your workout”…I am sooooo happy that my days @ “globo” are nearly over. Funny story, I train two sisters in their 20’s and was getting read to have them do 15# db thrusters ( the gym only has two pairs) and a muscular kid came over and asked if he could use one of the dumbells. my clients and I chuckled a little at him. I looked at him and asked “why in the world would you need the 15’s” yes this my fault for putting him on the defense about the whole thing. He then told me that it was for concentration curls…(yeah I know) he then said “why don’t you do the back & shoulder exercises that I do with the same intensity, and you’ll know what I’m talking about.” My clients didn’t make it any easier by one of them saying ” sounds like a challenge”….so a few questions #1 what is it about the “curls” that everyone at the “globo” loves to do them? #2 having no recollection of the last curl I’ve done, how do you think CrossFit has prepaired me for the unpredicatable, a “curl” challenge ? it didn’t get that far with the kid, but still interesting to know.