Tuesday, July 14, 2009

DTR_4336.jpg Just got back from a trip to Indiana to see some old friends from high school, and managed to turn it into a productive business trip too! I did a WOD with a firefighter friend (75# snatches, 75 reps) in his garage, and he also gave me about 40′-50′ of old fire hose for the new box (maybe he felt bad for beating me by over 10 minutes!). I also stopped at Rogue Fitness in Columbus Ohio and picked up some equipment – barbells, collars, jump ropes, and abmats – so we’re gearing up for the big opening! Things are developing fast, so keep checking here for more updates!

  • Kent Shaw

    Anyone reading this needs to (get out and play), and go to Tai’s new box in Montgomery. Tai helped introduce me to crossfit, it has helped to change my fitness life. Tai is an awsome, patient trainer and an all around good guy. Even if you know nothing about Crossfit, Tai will get you there.
    Good luck with the box Tai!