Tues 10/13/09

By October 12, 2009CFMC Blog Archives
DTR_7779.jpg This is another shot from the CrossFit 101 in Ocean City a couple weeks ago. It was a great honor to meet Coach, as can be seen by Jeff in this picture…is Jeff blushing?!?

Today’s WOD:

Complete in as few sets as possible:

95 lbs. Overhead Squat – 75 reps

Scoring will be done by counting the number of sets to completion. Greatest number of reps in any sets will break ties.

  • Brett

    Now I know for sure you’re just taking the things I suck at and kicking my ass with them. I’ll keep that in mind the next time I voice my suckiness in an area. So when are snatch til you drop WOD’s anyway?