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In the photo for today we have Sophia, Rusty, Oliver and Svetlana all showing their superhero stance. Kind of looks like the League Of Justice, doesn’t it? I think CrossFitters would make better superheroes anyway. At least CrossFitters are real – and besides, Rusty can do 130 Double-Unders in a single unbroken set, and I haven’t seen Superman do even ONE!


Shoulder Press 3-2-1-1-1


7 Rounds for time of:

7 Power Cleans [95/63] 7 Push Presses [95/63] 7 Pistol Squats
14 Double-Unders


25 Shoot Throughs

  • daniel.zaudtke

    Why are people so afraid of exercise? The people in the building I work in take the elevator for one flight of stairs like I have never seen before. I work on the 10th floor. The elevator stopped three times, each time one person got on to go one floor. Seriously, are the stairs that hard? And these are people who REALLY need the exercise! Lazy asses.