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What Is CrossFit (to you)?

To some, CrossFit is constantly varied high intensity functional movement and increases your work capacity across broad time and modal domains. To others, it’s a fantastic escape from the pressures of corporate America. Maybe it’s viewed by some as a means to fill the void for intense and honest competition or a way to push themselves to their physical and mental limits. Or perhaps it’s a fun place to go because there are barbells, medicine balls, pull-up bars and kettlebells to play with.

Personally, I think it’s all of those things and more. In my world, CrossFit is a model that can be applied to any and every aspect of life. In CrossFit we chase the goal of fitness as a whole (fully realizing that it is less a goal than simply a state of being) rather than (specifically) a toned butt, lower blood pressure, more energy or whatever. By chasing this goal of fitness all the subordinate things we might want to achieve seem to happen almost by accident, but specifically chasing any of the subordinate goals in and of themselves rarely produces any of the results we were hoping for.

See what I’m getting at? Jumping up to grab an apple off of a tree may or may not get you that apple, but if you had the whole tree you’d get that apple along with all the others. Ok, I know I can go off the deep end with my goofy analogies so I’ll quit now.

How would you describe CrossFit?

Today’s WOD:


For time:

30 reps Clean and Jerk (135/93)

Optional Cash-Out

30 Med Ball Clean Box Jumps

  • the Biggest loser

    I wonder what the 20lb difference from the sectional clean and jerk WOD to grace will feel like? Gotta get 8 more reps in the same amount of time (120 seconds). That’s the goal anyhow. If I can even manage to drag my sick ass in there.

  • Oliver

    Tai, can you explain the difference between endurance and stamina?

  • Tai

    Endurance is the body’s ability to gather, process, and deliver oxygen (think burpees – you stop to rest when you can’t breathe). Stamina is the body’s ability to deliver, store, and utilize energy (think HSPU – you stop to rest when you try to push but nothing happens).

    One little side note: if you are able to say more than 2 or 3 words at a time to describe how hard it is to breathe, it is neither an endurance issue nor a stamina issue – you’re just being a wimp! 🙂