Strength is the ability of a muscular unit (or a combination or units) to apply force. This is of course, a technical definition with little to no application in the real world. In CrossFit we define strength as “the productive application of force,” because we have found greater value in being able to move our bodies or an external object from point A to point B than we have in being able to perform a preacher curl with a 100 lb barbell. Becoming strong at the functional movements which CrossFit is based upon is what is going to make you better at your favorite sport, will make or break your mission, and will save your life. Big strong biceps alone will do none of that for you.

“The processes involved in building strength involve muscle, bone, connective tissue, and endocrine systems as well as the neuromuscular system, and the remodeling of these tissues takes time. Strength acquisition requires a much more profound change in physiology than that which accompanies the learning of a movement pattern, and the processes that bring about this change do their
work over months and years, not just weeks.” -Mark Rippetoe

Be patient about your deadlift goal, your first pullup or your first muscle-up. It’s not an easy target to hit, but I assure you it’s entirely worthwhile.

Today’s WOD:

With a 20 minute clock, sprint 400m, and then in the time remaining do as many rounds as possible of:

7 Pull-ups
14 Double-Unders
21 Squats

When the 20 minute clock runs out, sprint another 400m.

  • Brett

    I like it!

    That picture is amazing.

  • Oliver

    Where are these pop quizes you speak about? You need to do some burpees (and rowing)!