Tue 2/23/10

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Another Level 1

Congratulations to Brett – he went to the CrossFit Level 1 Certification this past weekend in Atlanta. For two whole days he did squats, deadlifts, presses, and listened to lectures from Chuck Carswell and Miranda, and represented CFMC proudly the whole time (just look at that awesome shirt he’s wearing in the photo). I’ll put his certification on the wall as soon as he remembers to bring it in, and maybe I’ll even write up his bio for the website too.

So great job Brett; you deserve congratulations CFMC-style: Mop the floors and clean the bathrooms, and do some burpees every 30 seconds.

Today’s WOD:


Three rounds for time of:

Run 800 meters (yes, really)
50 Back Extensions
50 Sit-ups

  • Brett

    Hey thanks Tai. I can’t wait to clean bathrooms. I bet they’re heavy………anyone? Bad joke I know. I can’t say enough about the HQ staff, they were incredible. I’m ready to keep rolling with what they taught me! I’m not making it today but just so no one feels left out, I’ll be doing Mickey here!

  • Congrats Brett! Also yesterday was awful, today seems like a break in comparison.

  • you really must be feeling a little light headed from last nights workout. If you think that 3 rounds of 800 meters is a “break” you’re losing it. As a former self proclamied sprinter (mostly in the water but tried my hand on the track) I can tell you that 1 round of 800 meters is TERRIBLE! It’s just long enough that there is no way you can empty the tank like a 400m but JUST short enough that you can’t really let up AT ALL! If you push yourself, like the crossfitters we all hope you all are, you’ll take yourself to a level of suck that we rarely get to…that dark scary place where you don’t know what’s really going to happen. Do me a favor and post on here how it feels after you do this!

  • Dan

    Congrats, Brett…and let’s be honest…after yesterday, it’s more of an 800m “waddle”

  • I feel you Brett, but it is one of those trade-offs where I am ok with excruciating pain for shorter intervals, than intense pain for 30 mins plus.

  • As a side note it is possible to black out without beer while running a 400, which I will try for as Brett mentioned.