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That Special Moment

It’s fairly common, really. Maybe not the gesture, but certainly the feeling. You collapse after a horrible WOD and want nothing more than to pass into a peaceful oblivion, away from all the pain and suffering your life has been about for the previous [insert WOD time here]. Your diaphragm still burns from breathing so hard, your heart rate is still WAY above your target zone (according to the helpful training chart on the treadmill you saw 9 months ago), and your muscles feel like they’ve been replaced with electric barbed wire. It’s always right at that certain moment when an onlooker has a sarcastic comment for you about your performance. And not long after their comment is when that feeling hits you to supply them with your own pixelated appendage.

I love CrossFit.

SCHEDULE ALERT: This Thursday, Friday, and next Monday’s class schedule have been slightly altered due to my leaving town to attend the 2010 CrossFit Affiliate Gathering. Check the SCHEDULE page for more information.

Today’s WOD:

5 Rounds for time of:

12 Steps Overhead Walking Lunge (with barbell – snatch grip) [Men – 75# | Women – 45#] 4 Rope Ascents/20 Burpees*

*If the rope is available, you use the rope. If someone is using any part of it the moment you finish your 12th Overhead Walking Lunge, you do the burpees.

  • Brett

    I can’t believe no one commented on today’s post. How much funnier cana daily picture be? Nicely done Eric.

    As for the commenting…where is everyone? Don’t yall check the workouts? Why not give you comments on the suckery that you observer or just give your thoughts on Tai’s daily ranting. Come on people! show some love

  • justin

    Always digging the daily posts. My muscles hurt today from yesterday’s AMRAP workout. today’s picture was great. much love for the site and pumped for crossfit mo-co!!!