Tue 12/01/09

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DTR_8296.jpg That crowd of panting sweating piles of CrossFit goo are what you are going to feel like after today’s WOD, which is inspired by the fun conglomeration of a few of the named WODs. For example, “DiaFranAbeth” (which is not today’s WOD) is a combination of “Diane”, “Fran”, and “Elizabeth”. Combining some of the named WODs can result in a fun (albeit painful) workout with an equally fun (albeit painful) name. Let’s face it – “DiaFranAbeth” doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue (or the keyboard, for that matter). It’s not the most pleasant thing to hear, especially when you realize all the work it requires to actually *do* the workout. That is just like today’s WOD, which has one of the most painful sounding names I’ve ever come across…

Today’s WOD:

(A combination of “Jackie”, “Elizabeth”, and both movements in “Fran”)

1000m Row
95 lb. Squat Clean Thrusters

  • daniel.zaudtke

    J.E.F.F. doesn’t like this….

  • jeffasilver

    HAHAHHHAHAH. Seriously, that looks awful.