Tue 11/24/09

By November 23, 2009CFMC Blog Archives

SPECIAL THANKSGIVING MORNING CLASSES!! 7:00a and 8:00a on Thanksgiving, and no morning/noon classes on Friday. Check the Schedule page for more information.

DTR_1532 Thanksgiving is upon us, and therefore so is the holiday season. That means Black Friday shopping, last minute holiday gifts, and annoying holiday music in every store you enter. My advice would be to make sure to use good technique in your thrusters, drop your best 1-mile run time by a minute, practice deadlifting oddly-shaped objects, and wear your favorite CrossFit affiliate t-shirt everywhere you go (preferably one of ours). That way when you go into the stores people will know to stay out of your way and give you anything you want (even if they had it first), and if they don’t at least you’ll know you can do more burpees in 5 minutes than they can. Wimps.

Today’s WOD:

1000m Row
20 Med Ball Clean Wallballs
30 Pullups
750m Row
15 Med Ball Clean Wallballs
25 Pullups
500m Row
10 Med Ball Clean Wallballs
20 Pullups