Thurs 10/15/09

By October 14, 2009CFMC Blog Archives
DTR_1264.jpg “Most of the problems with the bodies and minds of the folks occupying the current culture involve an unwillingness to do anything hard, or anything that they’d rather not do.

I applaud your resolve, and I welcome you to the community of people who have decided that EASY will no longer suffice.”
-Mark Rippetoe

Today’s WOD:

1000m Row
25 Burpees
750m Row
50 Burpees
500m Row
75 Burpees

  • Dan

    I don’t like this.

  • Tai

    Why don’t come in and file a complaint form…

  • Mark

    This will kill me. I will be d-e-d.

  • Dan

    Wait, we have complaint forms?!

  • Tai

    Yes. You know how some machines give you a gumball when you put a quarter in them and turn the crank? Ours dispenses complaint forms after you do 1000m row, 25 burpees, 750m row, 50 burpees, 500m row, and 75 burpees – but it’s located 12 feet above ground, is only accessible by jumping, and is only active for 5 seconds upon your completion of its dispensing requirements. And if you jump and miss, you have to perform the requirements again. With a weight vest.

  • Brett

    I wonder if Tai sat there thinking about that invention before he posted his reply or if he just spat it out as his fingers flew across the keys

  • Daivd

    Does anyone have a leg brace they’re not using? Preferably a pink one with pokemon stickers.