CrossFit Video Game (Thu 6/24/10)

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If CrossFit were a video game…

-It wouldn’t be available at Best Buy – you’d have to get it from someone’s garage.
-The first time you play it you’d die after 2 minutes, and then you can’t play it again for at least a week.
-It would make you better at every other video game, whether you’ve played it or not.
-You’d chalk up the game controller.
-Constantly varied, high intensity, realistic animation.
-You’d have to play it with a group.
-Video game enthusiasts who’ve heard of it say it’s too hard and dangerous, refuse to try it themselves, and then tell everyone they meet never to play it.
-You’d stop playing your other video games because they’re too boring.
-You’d tell everyone when you beat your high score.
-Your video game console would be built out of grass-fed components.

Feel free to add your own entries to the list by adding a comment!


Snatch Practice (95 lb. cap)




Squat Cleans (135/93)
Ring Dips


Handstand practice

Tripod (knees on elbows) -> Frog stand -> headstand on wall -> Headstand -> Handstand on wall -> Free Handstand -> Pirouettes -> Press to handstand on parallettes -> Press to handstand on floor

Work to master each part of the progression

  • Jon C

    -you would need to sign a waiver
    -clothing need for game
    – males board shorts only
    -women anything short

  • The game wouldn’t just have easy, medium and hard levels – it would have infinitely scalable levels.

    Whatever level you played at, all other players would cheer you on and be proud of you – as long as you played your best.

    By the way, you write beautifully and entertainingly and this is probably my favourite affiliate blog!

  • fisher

    I’m pissed i couldn’t make it in today, i want to do this tomorrow if possible. see you then.