DTR_3140 How I Got Here

One of the most common question I get asked by prospective members is, “How did you get into CrossFit?” Not wanting to leave anyone out, I’ll hit the highlights for you. I was a personal trainer since around 2000, and from the beginning always questioned how bicep curls and calf raises helped someone get better after they left the gym. Obvious as it is to us now, I simply didn’t know back then because I had been taught to how be a trainer by personal training entities like the NASM, NSCA, and of course the other globo-gym trainers I worked with. I embarked on a campaign to describe this need for practical fitness by starting roughly 79,482 articles (and even a book, I believe), but never was able to finish any of them – halfway through an idea I would come up with MORE ways that single-joint fixed-path-of-motion movements were probably not the best solution for someone trying to stay out of the nursing home or avoid unnecessary knee surgery, and needed to write them down immediately. The result was a hard drive full of article fragments and not one complete thought in the bunch.

Then I was introduced to Parkour a few years ago, and fell in love with the idea that there was something fun and cool that people could enjoy doing and actually develop a more more practical fitness along the way. I started taking my personal training clients to the playground and making them traverse the monkey bars and climb over walls on big plastic pirate ships – they felt like idiots but at least I had fun!

Then on the American Parkour website, I came across a bunch of links to Jesse Woody’s articles that were published in the CrossFit Journal. Dying to learn more about how to creatively jump over stuff, I followed the links. I found the famous “What is Fitness?” article, read it, and instantly knew that my future lay with CrossFit.

To Be Continued…

Today’s WOD:

Power Cleans 3-3-2-2-1-1-1-1

  • Brett

    Just so Dave Rice isn’t confused. I did work on technique BUT it wasn’t with PVC. The board said “PC tech”. That’s power clean…missing a letter there bub!

    However, you did beat me best clean so I hate you. That is all.