DTR_8214.jpg If you haven’t read this article about why “CrossFit Greyskull” resigned their CrossFit affiliation, you need to. Some very good points are brought up about the quality of CrossFit as more and more affiliates pop up all over the place. What are your thoughts?

Today’s WOD:



  • Cameron


  • Dan

    Apparently Tai was a contributing author, I can just hear him yelling this at me:

    “a decent litmus would be if you are offended by this, you probably suck, and if you are nodding your head and/or laughing then you probably don’t. That or you’re delusional and think you don’t suck when you really do in which case weigh yourself for step two. If you weigh 160 and you aren’t 5’2” and your name isn’t Dutch Lowy, go eat and then come to terms with the fact that you suck”