DTR_3105 Goodness or Greatness?

We all know that CrossFit is hard. We’ve all seen our fitness levels improve and our abilities increase from doing the WODs religiously. But now how do we go from simply being called a “freak” by our non-CrossFitting friends to having them describe your fitness to others as “holy shit!”? Easy. Do the WODs like your life depends on it.

Turn each WOD into an absolute life-or-death need to perform far beyond your known capabilities each and every time. Don’t stop because you’re tired or because your muscles hurt, don’t look over to see how your buddy is doing, and above all, don’t tell yourself you can’t go on. Tell yourself that you HAVE to go on. Treat it as if you have no other choice.

When you’re reaching deep down inside for the strength to crank out that 101st kettlebell swing or 135th wallball shot, and you find yourself thinking “I can’t do another one,” try changing that internal chatter to “I HAVE to do another one.”

Do each rep, each exercise, and each workout as if your life depends on it; approach it from the perspective that the survival of those you love hinge on your performance; that somewhere a kitten dies every time you take a breather; that Santa won’t visit you or your kids next year; that you’re running from a bear – whatever works for you. Literally act as if your very life depends on whether or not you can do just one more pushup, just one more burpee, just one more muscle-up…and you will discover you are capable of far more than you ever thought you could be.

Is this a little over the top? If your goal is mediocrity, then yes. Personally, I think mediocre sucks.

Today’s WOD:

Snatch 1-1-1-1-1


3 Rounds for time:

16 Lateral Power Step-Ups (1′ jump)
14 Push-ups
12 Box Jumps
10 Ring Dips

  • Brett

    Forget being Mediocre!! Who would aspire to being completely average? What a sub par way to eekk by in life.

    Check out Amanda featured two days in a row in the main picture working out her push press/thruster.