Thu 11/19/09

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DTR_1074 Today is November 19th – exactly 2 months after opening day at CrossFit Montgomery County. That’s right, we’re two months old now…so the CrossFit gods are still changing our diapers. Pretty soon our affiliate be crawling and walking, getting potty-trained, heading off to kindergarten, and then crashing our parents’ car on our first date. And just think – you all are lucky enough to witness it. On our three-month anniversary maybe we’ll make Jeff prove to us he’s potty trained.

Today’s WOD:

3 rounds of the press progression for max reps:

With 95#, do max reps of Shoulder Press, then max reps Push Press, then max reps Push Jerk – DO NOT PUT DOWN THE BAR BETWEEN MOVEMENTS!


  1. Watch this video from the CrossFit HQ site
  2. Seriously, watch the video
  3. No rest between movements (don’t put down the bar)
  4. Do as many valid reps of Shoulder Press as possible until you fail, continue with Push Press
  5. Do as many valid reps of Push Press as possible until failure, continue with Push Jerk
  6. Do as many valid reps of Push Jerk as possible until failure
  7. Now you can put down the bar
  8. Rest for ~5 min (no more) and do it again
  9. Three scores per round, three rounds
  10. The score is the number of times you achieve whole complete unabbreviated full honest real-live outright vertical “lockout” at the top of each movement (95% of the way up does not count)
  • Jeff

    I’m more than happy to prove that I’m not… Would the middle of the gym be a good place for my demonstration?

  • Mark

    I can’t watch the video, we don’t have enough band width at work.(sucks) I’m waiting for Verizon to install the two T-1’s that I ordered last month!

  • Jeff

    Looks fun… sadly I’ll miss it to work at a pointless job…