The Heroes (Tue 6/8/10)

Background: On April 2 of this year, I ran the notorious CrossFit Hero WOD named “Murph”. “Murph” consists of a 1 mile run, 100 Pullups, 200 Pushups, 300 Squats, and ends with another 1 mile run. To make things more difficult (as if that were necessary), the whole workout is supposed to be performed while wearing a 20 lb. weight vest. It is not pleasant.

This past Sunday I received an email saying that a new comment had been left on my April 2 blogpost entitled Res firma mitescere nescit by someone named “Shawn”. I have never met Shawn nor even spoken with him before, but his comment left me with much food for thought.

These “Hero” workouts are far more than just hard workouts. They are a unique representation of what the person they are named after stood for, and they are to be honored, revered, and cherished just like the man who gave his life should be. Before you do your next Hero WOD, take a few minutes to read a little about the man behind the workout. There’s a reason they named a workout after him that will kick your ass in ways you never previously imagined possible, and it’s not because they are ordinary guys.

You can start your Hero education here: Lt. Michael P. Murphy (Thanks to Shawn for the link)

Thanks for your comment Shawn. You’re welcome to come do “Murph” with us anytime.


Back Squat – 5×5



For time:

1000m Row
50 Thrusters (45/33)
30 Pullups


15 reps, Skin the Cat

  • Brian

    Also well worth the read is a book called Lone Survivor by Murph’s Teammate Marcus Luttrell. Another book just out is called Seal of Honor and is about Murph.

    PS – Tai, great to meet you this weekend at the Cert. Keep up the great work on the blog posts!

  • Tai

    Thanks Brian – I’ll have to check those out. It was great meeting you last weekend too brother – come up and catch a WOD with us sometime!