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By December 16, 2010CFMC Blog Archives

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Before you do a movement at the gym, think about what you’d like to look like when you’re doing it. Not the cosmetic part of it, the ease part of it. For those of you who were in the 5:00 class yesterday evening, did you happen to notice Kevin when he went for his 3 reps of 245lb split jerk? If you weren’t lucky enough to see it, I’ll tell you how he made it look: easy. Is this any surprise? Not really. But I can assure you that it wasn’t easy, he just made it look that way.

Lots of people who are either very strong or very good at what they do make difficult things look easy. That’s the trick of mastery in anything: to make something difficult look easy. Fred Astaire, Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan – these are all people who have (or had) mastered their craft, and watching any of them do what they do makes all of us think that we can do it like that too. Why? Because they made it look easy. And we all find out fairly quickly when we try it that it’s not as easy as they make it look.

So when you’re working out, try to make the movements look easy. The easier you can make them look, the better you’ll become. And that’s the whole point, isn’t it?

  • Dan

    I just did the cash-out…oh I just did it again…

  • Erik Herik

    I heard there were two reported death in China this morning related to this workout. Anybody at CFMC die from this yet?