That Special Moment (Wed 7/14/10)

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Reposted from Feb 16, 2010

It’s fairly common, really. Maybe not the gesture, but certainly the feeling. You collapse after a horrible WOD and want nothing more than to pass into a peaceful oblivion, away from all the pain and suffering your life has been about for the previous [insert WOD time here]. Your diaphragm still burns from breathing so hard, your heart rate is still WAY above your target zone (according to the helpful training chart on the treadmill you saw 9 months ago), and your muscles feel like they’ve been replaced with electric barbed wire. It’s always right at that certain moment when an onlooker has a sarcastic comment for you about your performance. And not long after their comment is when that feeling hits you to supply them with your own pixelated appendage.

I love CrossFit.


Front Squat 3×5



For time:

30 reps, Clean and Jerk (135/93)


1000m Row for best time

  • Brett

    Crossfit is my jam!

    Today’s workout rules from buy in to cash out. Its all out from start to finish. Not to say all of crossfit isn’t. I suppose today just stands out in my mind as a chance to blow your so called comfort zone wide the (insert pixelated mouth shot) open!