Surrender to the Position (Thu 6/17/10)

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Yesterday we did hang squat cleans for the buy-in. As you all heard me say several times before and during that portion of the workout, the hang squat clean has little to do with making the bar go up and has a LOT to do with making yourself go down. Some of you were having issues committing your entire body to going from standing as tall as possible (at full extension) to being at the rock-solid bottom of the front squat in less than half a second. I can understand that – it’s moving your whole body an awfully long way REALLY fast, and requires a lot of coordination, accuracy, agility and balance…and something else too: surrender.

All of you are able to do a near perfect front squat, and all of you are able to hold the bar in the high hang position. Why then is it so difficult to go from the high hang to the bottom of the front squat quickly when there’s a barbell involved? Because you don’t trust that it will work out right. I can understand that too – it’s friggin’ scary to purposely hurl your body underneath a big heavy barbell to keep it from crashing to the ground. Normal sane people don’t usually do such things, right? That may be true, but take comfort in the fact that you don’t fall under that category anymore – you’re a CrossFitter now. So here’s how to beat that fear-based obstacle: trust the positions.

We’ve already established that you know how to stand with the barbell in the high hang position, and you’ve all heard me push you to get your elbows UP at the bottom of the front squat, right? There you have it – you needed help with this, and I have provided it. Now your job is to trust the positions you already know. Surrender control of the barbell to the perfection of the positions, and you will master this movement in no time. Position and surrender are all you need. Less than perfect position will yield a missed attempt, but nail those two positions and you’ve got it made.

By the way – this principle is true for every single movement we do.


Dead Start Zercher Squat


Video of WTF a “Dead Start Zercher Squat” is


5 Rounds for time:

7 High Ring Dips
12 Wallballs


2 minutes, L-Sit hold