Sunday Special Edition 2/7/10

By February 7, 2010CFMC Blog Archives
DTR_2933 It’s Sunday, after a full-on dumping of snow this weekend. Danielle and I went up to the gym to check out the situation, and the situation is, in a nutshell, crap. We went up there to assess the parking lot condition around noon today, and it looked like the front half of the parking lot had been plowed about halfway through the storm creating a large wall of snow (which is now ice) out in the middle right before our door. We shoveled our way in to the door, went inside, and discovered that at least the building hadn’t collapsed (always a good sign).

I called the property management folks and the building owners and was told that the appropriate phone calls had been made and messages had been left, and that the parking lot would be plowed “by tomorrow”.

So here’s the scoop on tomorrrow’s classes: I will go by the gym to assess the situation again this evening around 8:00 and then update the website accordingly. If the parking lot is clear, we’ll have classes according to the regular schedule tomorrrow. If it still looks like the result of a college prank involving 2 tons of dishwashing soap, we’ll be closed in the morning (at the very least) and I’ll update the website every couple of hours throughout the day tomorrow to let you know when we are able to open.

Please check the website tomorrow before calling me to find out if the gym is open yet. I assure you that if you call to ask me a question that is answered on the website, I will promptly hang up on you and call you names behind your back.