Sunday October 12, 2008

By October 12, 2008CFMC Blog Archives

Everyone who has the innate ability to move normally takes that ability for granted, and doesn’t appreciate it until they sprain an ankle or worse, tweak their back or do something else that temporarily deprives them of it that pain-free movement. During the down time caused by the injury, you are always made painfully aware of just exactly how much that body part comes into play when doing movements that seem to have nothing to do with that area. This is especially true when it’s your back…you can’t do ANYTHING when your back is tweaked. This can all be avoided by learning to move in an efficient manner, and applying those efficient movements as often as possible in your regular life. Safe, efficient movements are at the core of CrossFit, and when practiced will help you in ways you can’t imagine. Of course, CrossFit is hard, and you could always opt to just take a pilates class or something – just be sure to get a good deal on a back brace.

Today’s WOD:

Run 5K