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Welcome to Day 6, now do some burpees. And do them fast because today’s topic is speed, which is the ability to minimize the time cycle of a repeated movement. This is important in CrossFit since we seem to be obsessed with doing the movements in our workouts like Speedy Gonzales on crystal meth, and it’s important outside of CrossFit because…well…because I said so. So you better get faster.

Improving speed requires training and practice at whatever the movement is you’re trying to speed up, and requires some mistakes to me made during that training and practice. For example, people who can type 100 words a minute didn’t get there without hitting the wrong keys once in awhile, and no musician’s flawless performance of “The Flight Of The Bumblebee” happened without hitting some wrong notes during rehearsal. Likewise, there isn’t a fire breather on earth who got a 400 Fight Gone Bad score the first time they did that workout. They, like the people in the other examples, had to start slow because their bodies simply couldn’t go that fast at first. But they practiced the movements, and then they practiced doing the movements fast. And they kept training and practicing and practicing and training, and they lived happily ever after. Until the next WOD which really, really sucked.