So Easy A Caveman Could Do It (Fri 10/29/10)

By October 28, 2010CFMC Blog Archives

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Here is the men’s Paleo Challenge “best visible body transformation” award winner, Dan. 6 weeks of eating clean and doing CrossFit workouts can make a huge difference – he lost a little over 30 lbs! Congratulations again Dan!

I’ll get some stats on Dan, Joe, Sophia, and Lindsay (the winners in the challenge) and we’ll have everyone who did the challenge fill out a questionnaire, and post some of the results next week. I’m willing to bet you’ll be quite surprised by how much their eating habits have shifted, and why most (if not all) of them plan to continue eating Paleo even though the challenge is now over.


Deadlift 5×5


1 Power Clean (155/113)
10 Deep Pushups*
2 Power Cleans
10 Deep Pushups
3 Power Cleans
10 Deep Pushups
10 Power Cleans
10 Deep Pushups

*Deep Pushups are done with your hands on 45lb plates – your chest will go between them and touch the floor on each rep.


50 Good Mornings (45/33)

  • justin

    Dan, that’s awesome, great job man.

  • Sophia

    Wow, nice job!

  • dan lau

    great work Dan! keep up the great work