Silence Is Golden (Thu 5/27/10)

And it’s a good thing too, considering I lost my voice yesterday afternoon. Yep, it’s gone. Totally and completely. I felt it getting a little weird on Tuesday night and it had a certain Barry White quality all day Wednesday. And then it happened – around 7:00 it pretty much completely disappeared. So the next day or two (hopefully not more) will be a little strange as I’ll be teaching by example and not telling anyone, well, anything really. Do me a favor – help me out a little and ask questions in yes/no format as much as possible since I really don’t want to be writing my answers on the whiteboard all day, and besides, it *really* hurts to try and talk.

Thanks – you’re all very much appreciated. But don’t worry about me – I’ll be back to screaming at you in no time!


Overhead Squat



As many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:

10 Ring Pushups
10 Front Squats (75/53)
10 V-Ups


100 Double-Unders

  • Ladybug724

    What? Can you say that again? I can’t hear you!

  • Erik Herik

    We don’t need you to SPEAK… just use those awesome, Picasso-esque stick figure drawings to demonstrate proper push press technique.

  • Oliver

    What’s the weight on the front squats?

  • Oliver

    What happened to those 185 lbs front squats??? WTF!