Shortcuts Aren’t (Thu 10/14/10)

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CrossFit is an amazing program for certain, and everyone who lets it take hold of them get results beyond anything they ever imagined. But coming into the gym to go through the motions is not enough if you want to make any significant improvements in your strength, technique, mechanics, abilities, fitness, or even your physique. Everyone reading this should know there aren’t any shortcuts to elite fitness, so here’s my suggestion for the day: don’t ever try to take any because they don’t exist.

Here are a few ways to know if you fall under this category:

1. You count reps that you know wouldn’t count if they were being judged just so you can yell TIME!! a little sooner.
2. You count reps that you think might count if they were being judged, but aren’t completely sure.
3. You find yourself suddenly raising the standards for your reps when you notice one of the coaches watching you.
4. You find yourself looking around to see if any of the coaches are watching you.

If you’ve found yourself ever doing any of those (or similar) things, stop it right away and hold yourself to a higher standard. You should know without a doubt that all your reps count, that your chin is clearly and unquestionably over the bar, that your squats are undeniably below parallel and that the ball always hit the 10′ target. There are no shortcuts of any kind on the road to achieving true badass fitness, and trying to get a better time by doing incomplete reps will only hold you back (not to mention annoy everyone around you).

Ok, I lied a little in this post – I admit it. The truth is that there is a shortcut to greatness (sort of). The secret is simple – look for a way to make the movements just a little bit more demanding than what is required for the WOD and then hold yourself to THAT standard instead. If you make things a tad more challenging (like 10.5′ for the wallballs, adding a 4″ riser to your box jumps, etc.) and then do every rep as if you have the toughest CrossFit Games judge in existence watching you from 3 feet away looking for any excuse to make you redo that last rep, you will quickly discover the shortcut to badassery I spoke of.


Full Warm-Up

Today’s WOD:

5 Rounds for time of:

15 Back Squats (135/93)
15 Box Jumps
15 Pushups


Mobility WOD of your choice

  • justin

    confession…I am guilty of the borderline wallball shot, should shoot for 10.5 as recommended. also when there’s a lenthy pullup wod, i will fall to an occasional chin @ bar. MUST DO BETTER!!!

    I also like to add 4″ to the box jump. will start that too. looks like a good wod today too!

  • I can always try harder and I will take your advice.

    The real reason I’m posting here is because that meal of the day looks amazing!