Saturday September 6, 2008

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Got CrossFit?UPDATE: No lightning – let’s workout!

The “Walk In The Park” workout that is scheduled for Saturday morning at the Ridge Road Recreational Park is still on! (See the Schedule/Location page for more information) That’s right – in keeping with the CrossFit philosophy of “constantly varied” workouts, we’re going to workout tomorrow in a slightly more humid atmosphere (read: pouring down rain). We’re CrossFitters – we can handle anything, right? Well ok, lightning is a deal-breaker for tomorrow, but otherwise we’re on (Check back here to find out if we have to cancel due to lightning). I’ll be at the park at 8:30, anxiously awaiting everyone ready to get a little muddy in the name of real fitness. I shouldn’t be hard to find – I’ll probably be cowering from the rain in only car in the parking lot – but if you still can’t find me, I’m in the silver Honda with the “GOTXFIT” license plate you see in the picture.