Saturday September 27, 2008

By September 26, 2008CFMC Blog Archives

Today’s “Walk in the Park” workout will be taking place as usual at the Ridge Road Recreational Park in Germantown at 8:30am, but the 10:00am class will be cancelled so that I can participate in the national Fight Gone Bad event fundraiser for the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

For those of you who missed it, the 10:00am class this morning is canceled, but the 8:30 class is still on.

According to the weather forecasters it may or may not be raining during our workout this morning, but since I know literally DOZENS of people who have gotten wet as a direct result of being outside in the rain and EVERY SINGLE ONE of them survived, the 8:30am workout will go on as planned.

So to those of you for whom a little rain is a less than terrifying event, I’ll see you soon. To the rest of you, remember that small furry woodland creatures are less afraid to get wet than you are!