Rock At The Game Of Life (Tue 5/11/10)

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When we say that CrossFit combines movements from gymnastics and weightlifting, this isn’t exactly what we’re talking about. But this goofy picture does give me an opportunity to talk about what that actually means.

CrossFit is built on the principle that there are aspects of movement that are fundamental to and common among all sports. In other words, something you need to be good at football might also be required to be good at rock climbing, baseball, skiing, or any number of other sports. If you made a separate list for each sport of all the skills and abilities necessary to be good at that sport, and then compared all of your lists you would find that there would be a remarkable number of items that overlap. That “overlap list” is what we work to make you good at. And what kind of movements do you think are on that list? Yep – functional movements.

Of course, there are things specific to each sport that have little if anything to do with other sports, and while we certainly acknowledge those sport-specific skills we do not attempt to directly train them. CrossFit is about making you a better all-around athlete, not the world’s best discus-thrower or the world’s fastest marathon runner. This is why we say “we specialize in not specializing.” That is not to say that making you a better all-around athlete will not make you a better volleyball player (because I know for a fact that it does). All I’m saying is that if you’re looking for CrossFit to give you better insight into running a rotation defense against a 5-1 offense with two 6’8″ middle blockers who can both hit the quickset in a tandem play out of the back row, you’re out of luck.

As I said before, we focus on making you stronger and better at the things that will make you better and stronger at everything. Constantly varied, high intensity functional movements, baby. We’re athletes in the game of life, and CrossFit makes you better at it.


Weighted Pullups 3-2-1-1-1


15 Wallballs
1 Burpee
14 Wallballs
2 Burpees
13 Wallballs
3 Burpees
1 Wallball
15 Burpees


25 Shoot-throughs

  • Mike

    I can’t feel my body.

  • Oliver

    Looks awful, glad I can’t make it in.

  • Eric

    I had nightmares about my goats after reading this WOD last night.

  • _EP_

    Okay, this was as painful as I imagined. I need you to help me with my goat a bit more because the balls keep hitting me in the face. Damn goat…

  • Tai

    That’s funny – that’s exactly what the goat said to me after you left.