Fundamentals – FULL:

  • 10 classes – 45 min per class
  • Comprehensive “CrossFit Prep” program
  • Individual sessions with customized curriculum
  • In-depth skill training with all barbell movements
  • Extensive instruction on gymnastics skills
  • Covers warming-up, cooling-down, and mobility
  • Each session designed to reinforce proper mechanics, build stamina, and improve endurance
  • All sessions by appointment
  • $600 per person

Fundamentals – FAST TRACK:

  • 4 classes – 45 min per class
  • Small group setting, fixed curriculum
  • Covers the basic barbell movements and gymnastics
  • Prepares you to participate in class
  • Tuesday/Thursday evenings at 7:15
  • $175 per person

The Fundamentals – FAST TRACK program is for people who just want to get going. In a small group setting, you will learn to safely and efficiently perform the basic barbell movements we employ in CrossFit. Once you finish this program, and that you can then continue to refine and improve in our regular group classesYou’ll learn how to execute the basic barbell movements safely so that you can participate in the CrossFit classes. . Each class is approximately 45 minutes long. This program is required for all new members.

Prepare for the unknown and the unknowable. Push, run, jump, pull, lift, climb, and throw with heavy things, light things, odd things, and nothing. This is a structured, instructor-led class designed to give you the full experience of all the things CrossFit is about. Good mechanics are perpetually reinforced by the instructor, and you will be progressed – and in some instances regressed – in the manner the instructor sees fit to best help you improve. You will be pushed out of your physical and mental comfort zones, you will do things you can’t imagine yourself ever doing, and you will learn that you’re capable of far more than you currently believe.

Strongman, Barbell Bettys (women only lifting club), Barbell Bozos (men only lifting club), Gymnastics, Mobility, and more. These are 6-week courses that will focus on improving specific skills, abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. More info to come.

IMGL7370A supplemental program designed for those interested in competing in CrossFit. Additional programming, regular “Competitor’s” workouts, and more. More info to come.

IMGL7048One-on-one skill focused skill work with a coach. Will include instruction, drills, progressions, and homework. More info to come.