Please Don’t Read This

By December 8, 2010CFMC Blog Archives

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I have a few completely purposeless announcements that you definitely should not read. These announcements will in no way improve your experience at the gym, and should be totally ignored. Please stop reading now, and go check to see if anyone has put up a clever status update on facebook which would benefit from your wit.

1. Until December 31 this year, we are offering a special 8-class punch card to anyone who would like to try CrossFit. You may purchase this as a gift certificate for a loved one (or a mortal enemy), and they can get a taste of the torture fun you subject yourself to each day. The gift certificates are $69, and the recipient will be able to attend any of the “Groupon Classes” (see the schedule). If you are interested, please see Danielle or me for more details.

2. Classes have been getting started way too late recently, so in order to help make things run more smoothly for everyone, please be sure to go through the warm-up as if you are actually trying to warm-up. On days when there is a strength-based Buy-In, focus 100% on what you are doing so that you can (A) receive some benefit from doing it in the first place, and (B) be ready to give 100% of your attention when I go over the WOD at 20-25 minutes past the hour. In other words, don’t dawdle when you arrive at the gym.

3. As you can see, “Today’s Workout” is now posted at the top right of the website in a big red box. As of this posting, I don’t yet have a way to easily go back to reference previous WODs (for those of you who don’t fill out your workout log but once a week), but I’m working on it. There will be some other changes coming as well, so keep an eye out.

That is all. I sincerely hope you didn’t waste your time by reading any of that. And I hope you made a great comment on your high school buddy’s changed relationship status.

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    waste of time…