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By January 3, 2011CFMC Blog Archives

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You all do 10 burpees as part of the warm-up each day, and they go by pretty quickly. Sometimes you pull out a jump rope and do a few double-unders as part of your warm-up as well, and assuming you’re one of the people who can do them, they also go pretty easily. Push-ups, Olympic lifts, and pretty much everything else we do in the gym is pretty easy when you’re doing a single rep or even a few to get into the swing of things. But CrossFit isn’t only about how great you are at 100% when you have everything just how you like it. If you want to see what you’re made of, try being awesome after you’ve done a ton of other stuff in less than ideal conditions. When you’re having trouble breathing, your legs are shaking, a song you hate comes on the radio, your hands can’t hold onto anything, you don’t have your favorite shoes on, your arms don’t want to raise over your head…if you can still give 100% with all that going on, then you’re starting to understand.

It’s not about how comfortable you are or even how much discomfort you can deal with. It’s about the work, and it ain’t gonna do itself. You say you’d like to become amazing in 2011? Prove it.

Happy New Year.

  • Clark

    Is the title of this post an intentional Nas reference? Because if so, that’s awesome!