Paleo Challenge Winners (Wed 10/27/10)

By October 27, 2010CFMC Blog Archives

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It’s time to announce the winners of the first ever Paleo Challenge! As a reminder, there are 2 winners (male and female) in each of 2 categories. The categories are “most visible body transformation” (based on the “before” and “after” photos) and “best overall participation” (based on the points you tracked in the logs you sent in to Danielle every week).

And before I go any further, I’d like to take a moment to thank Danielle, who put this entire challenge together from scratch with (very) little help from me. She structured the challenge, took the pictures, created the logs, stayed on you about turning your logs in, provided an incredible amount of support to everyone throughout the past 6 weeks, tallied the points, and a million other things I’m sure. The main goal of this challenge was to get you all to experience how much better your bodies can operate when you use the right fuel, and that goal was most definitely achieved. So the next time you see Danielle make sure to thank her for conceiving of and running the Paleo Challenge.

Time for the winners. For the guys, the winner for the “most visible body transformation” is none other than Dan. It’s no surprise how he did it since he also had the highest number of points earned for all the guys with 275! Great job Dan! Don’t worry though – he can’t win *both* prizes (sorry Dan!). The men’s winner for most points (and a damn close second for the “body transformation” category) is Joe who had 259 points, lost 30+ lbs and 4″ off his waist! Holy crap – that’s fantastic! (I love this job!) Congratulations to both of you!

For the ladies, the winner for the “most visible body transformation” is Sophia. She was also very actively participating, amassing 240 points! The women’s winner for most points is Lindsay who racked up an unbelievable 289! Congratulations to both of you as well!

I have all the “before” and “after” pictures put together into nice little collages for each person, but I’m not going to make them public without the permission of the person in the pictures. If you would like to have your collage, let me know and I’ll be happy to email it to you.

Danielle and I are giving a huge round of applause to everyone who participated in the Paleo Challenge. Whether you stuck to the diet for every meal or you learned how to make better choices while dining out, every time you choose to fuel your body with better nutrition, you’re always a winner. And in that vane, we’ve decided to add a prize for two “honorable mention” participants – congratulations to Amir and Janelle, who had the third highest points for both the men and women, respectively.

Each of the 4 winners will receive $100 in cash, and the honorable mentions will get the t-shirt of their choice from the website. Congratulations to all of you – you all did fantastic.


Shoulder Press 5×5



As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:

10 Push Press (115/73)
10 Kettlebell Swings (53/35)
10 Box Jumps (24″)


4x200m Sprint (60 seconds rest between intervals)

Groupon WOD:

200m Run
20 Goblet Squats
15 Pushups
200m Run
15 Goblet Squats
10 Pushups
200m Run
10 Goblet Squats
5 Pushups

  • sophia

    Thanks… kinda shocked I won! 🙂 This has been a great experience. It has taught me a lot and has definitely made me think twice about the foods I put in my body. Amir and I decided to continue with paleo (but not as strict, of course) which is a prize it self since we both hate diets!

    Special thanks to Danielle who was extremely supportive throughout the challenge!

  • Carol

    Yay!! Congrats to all the winners and participants!! I think I’m going to it again. Any tips and/or recipes welcome! 🙂

  • Joe W

    Thanks Danielle!