Ode to CrossFit (Tue 8/24/10)

By August 23, 2010CFMC Blog Archives

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Before I check the website WOD
I have some feelings that are odd
Excited, scared, and nervous too
Wondering what I’ll have to do

Thrusters, burpees and some cleans
Wouldn’t be the worst I’ve seen
But swings and jumps and running too
I suck at those (why don’t you?)

I guess I’ll just go do my best
And hopefully I’ll pass the test
I’ll bust my ass and then I’ll say
“I’m better now than yesterday.”


Back Squats



3 Rounds for time:

500m Row
20 Squat Snatches (75/53)
20 Burpees


4x200m Sprints (30 seconds between sprints)

  • Emily

    Tai- that’s the best Crossfit poem I’ve ever seen! love it.

  • Oliver

    Wow – you’re as bad at poetry as you are at deadlifts