Nothing to see here (Tue 8/3/10)

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I’ll be honest…sometimes it’s hard to come up with something write about on here. Many times something happens during the day that serves as a brilliant inspiration for a spectacular blogpost, and others…well…not so much. Those are the days when you generally find jokes, oneliners, words of wisdom, or some other seemingly pointless post. Those posts are usually created by copying and pasting content from some random website that specializes in whatever goofiness I happen to come across, and the process can be quite entertaining. At some point I also need to find a photo to include with the post, and that process can be quite entertaining as well. I generally try to find a photo that can in at least some strange manner be related to CrossFit (for example, today’s photo was found by doing a Google Image search for “badass”). Finding a suitable photo on Google Images is a delicate process though…just try to do a post about Olympic Lifting sometime where the featured image is of a “picture perfect snatch”.

I guess the point of this is that I love to write stuff for all 7 of you to read everyday, even if I’m not always able to make it useful information that will help you in your personal endeavor to become the best CrossFitter in the history of the world. It is occasionally difficult, but the resulting search for something useful (or at least entertaining) to write about can leave me in stitches with Danielle looking at me like she’s questioning her judgment about the last 427 days we’ve been together (yes, I had to do the math). All in all, it’s a boatload of fun and I can’t believe that everyone doesn’t do it. They should, if for no other reason than to write about the 10 General Physical Skills and see what images come up when they search for things like “flexibility”.


4 max sets of strict pullups


10 Rounds for time

2 Squat Snatches (95/63)
4 Overhead Squats (95/63)
6 Burpees (jump over the barbell)


400m Farmer’s Walk (with a 24kg/16kg kettlebell in each hand)